Meditation is not just about learning to have peace and tranquility. It has been used for thousands of years for spiritual awakening, and for emotional, psychological, and physical healing. Meditation helps us live more in the present, promotes relaxation, helps develop compassion, and improves mental clarity. It can lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, increase serotonin, alleviate depressive symptoms, calm anxiety and reduce worry.

People who meditate regularly report feeling an overall sense of happiness increased energy and greater concentration. The advantages of meditation are numerous to the mind, body, emotions and overall health. It has been proven that meditation secretes brain chemicals, such as nitric oxide which produces a calming effect on the body. (Nitric Oxide is a healthy antidote to the stress hormone Cortisol).

Most people succumb to large amounts of stress in daily life, and meditation actually releases stress from the body. Our constant exposure to stress and anxiety creates a natural fight or flight response which produces excess adrenaline to the body. Over time this breaks down the body and wears heavily on the immune system. Many doctors encourage meditation as a form of aiding in healing and eliminating some stress-related illnesses.

Just Ten Minutes

of daily meditation can be transformative. Start simple, and if you can only manage three minutes – relish those three minute. Then perhaps over time, three minutes become five…and with time five minutes grow into ten. It’s a process of time and practice. Learning meditation is worth the effort needed to enhance your life experience.